With the aim of the design, development, manufacture and sales of pre-fabricated, skid mounted gas pressure reduction stations and metering stations for the natural gas industry, SEJONG-AMC was established in 1986 by joint venture with American meter company(A.M.C) a member of Group. We have been importing gas related equipment such as regulators, meters, volume correctors and etc. Based on technical tie-up with International Gas Appataten B.V (I.G.A) in Netherlands and our long and broad experience, we were appointed as localization company in 1993 by KOGAS. Playing a important role as a company providing total gas system and solutions, we built our local agents covering the whole county to offer better service to our customers. SEJONG-AMC is doing our best to practice our philosophy and to satisfy our customers.
The design, development and manufacture of gas pressure reduction stations and modules.
The design, development and manufacture of gas metering stations and modules.
Sales of regulators, safety valves, meters and volume correctors.
Supply of automated pressure control system, metering and flow calculation system.
Manufacture of pressure recorders, gas sampling system, silencers, filters, D.P gauges
740-4, Jakjeon-Dong, Gyeyang-Gu, Incheon Metropolitan City, Republic of Korea.
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